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R&D custom made engineering department

Technotech Research and Development

Investing in Innovation :

10% of our turnover and 17% of our staff are dedicated to continuous innovation. 

All our new products have to answer these four criteria :

  • Quality
  • Technological Innovation
  • Price/Performance/Quality Ratio
  • Eco-design

Know How

In order to give you the best answers, our dedicated team of engineers and technicians is set up in a business unit fitted with the latest CAD 3D software, to produce custom made offerings combining various skills:

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Automation
  • Industrial Technology
  • Vision/Reading Systems
  • Robotics

Offering a Unique
Personalised Service

Personalised Service

Advice and Support 

We can help you to make the right investment and strive to provide the best possible delivery times.

We offer pragmatic advice, based on our experience to meet your marking needs :

  • Feasibility Study
  • Sample Marking
  • Test Reports
  • Technical and Economic Record
  • Associated Services (Financial Solutions, Maintenance)

Test Laboratory

Internal Test Laboratory

Define Your Needs

The dot peen, scribing and laser technologies are gathered on the same site, in order to realise various tests, to meet your marking needs.

Our multi-tasking engineering office is also available to define your traceability needs. They provide and deliver complete solutions, including mechanics and software integrations.