Medikal MEDIkal MEDIkal

More than a marking machine,
a complete solution


More than a marking machine - a complete solution

The marking of each medical device is a definite requirement in the healthcare sector. The micro impact marking technology and the 2D encoder have been known for their high reliability, efficiency and affordability. These marking methods allow the tracking of each part, at each step of growth in the production cycle.

With MEDIkal, Technomark utilises a wide experience of instrument and metallic parts and gives you access to this high technology with its easy-to-use environment.

In order to meet your needs, Technomark makes a wide range of accessories and options available, that will allow you to expand your fields of application and fit your marking needs.

Product Advantages


Easy to read, high quality permanent marking with the adapted marking guide and the interchangeable base


User-friendly interfaces optimise your marking cycles. 3-level software is available, to facilitate your marking choice: soft, normal or hardened material.


Marks several characters per second, and the marking guides can be changed in less than 10 seconds.


Marking layouts are stored in the internal memory.