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We have 17 patent applications and 63 trademarks, either registered or in progress around the world.

In the heart of the company

Technomark's employees are all committed to contribute to the development of the company by being involved in group projects.  

This approach allows Technomark to anticipate the needs of our customers, to provide real added value.

Always Seeking Further

technomark gamme multi4

Technomark invents the 4-in-1 concept

Technomark designed this concept by creating MULTi4*, the first modular marking equipment. A single machine with 4 configurations.

*Patent number FR9914782
technomark marquage intelligent IDI

Technomark offers the intelligent driving impact: IDI*

technomark exemple marquage IDI

(1) Marking with IDI Mark
(2) Marking whitout IDI Mark

IDI Mark:
The marking quality is ensured, whatever the difference in height between the part (flat or cylindrical) and the stylus. It's adjustment is managed by the MULTI4 software.

IDI Track:
Real-time monitoring for analysis of maintenance needs, stylus wear and detection faults (auto diagnosis feature with 5 control points).

*Patent number EP-06 764715.6
Technomark Eco-conception (icon/logo)

eco design

  • 80% of used materials can be recycled.
  • Two programmable modes, for reducing power consumption between 40% and 98%.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint, by limiting transportation requirements (using local suppliers).
  • Dry marking (no material removal, no waste, no fume).
  • No consumable.
  • Reduction of mechanical parts wear.